My Approach

It is important to me that our relationship be based on mutual trust, honesty, and respect.  You are always the expert on your own needs and desires.


My therapeutic approach is rooted in Jungian psychology.  What that means is that together we work to open up your mind and heart to the signals from the unconscious -- discoverable through intuition, feelings, and dreams, as well as art, body signals, and synchronistic experiences. 

When uncomfortable feelings and perceptions are no longer cut off from awareness and instead are acknowledged and expressed, a release takes place and we begin living a more authentic life.





I work with individuals & couples in the private and comfortable  setting of  my home office. 


People often come to see me for:


~ Fear and/or Anxiety

~ Body Image & Self Esteem

~ Depression

~ Relationship Challenges

Separation and Individuation

~ Life Transitions

~ Life Threatening Illness

~ Personal Identity (sense of Self)

~ Grief & Loss