Everyone dreams.  Dreams speak a universal language of symbol and metaphor which any dreamer can learn to understand.


Dreams present themselves in what seems to be a hidden language, but once understood can offer you invaluable insight into how to heal your body, your relationships and your relationship to your Self.   All you need to do is pay attention.  


The transformative power of dreams is inherent in all of us, and this power can be enhanced dramatically by learning some basic dream terms and interpretation skills.


Remembering dreams requires some effort.  The best way to do this is to keep a dream journal.  Here are a few tips:


1.  Before you go to bed each night, ask a question.  Write your question down in your dream journal and concentrate on your question before falling asleep.  For example, if you are suffering from a physical ailment, ask the question "What is the best way for me to heal?" 


2.  Upon awakening, don't get directly out of bed.  Lie there for a few moments and try to recall your dream.  Perhaps only a small piece of it will come to you.  Write it down.  Or perhaps the whole dream will be recalled.  In either case, WRITE IT DOWN or you will forget it.  (I like to go straight to the computer and type my dream in a Word document.)


3.  Write it in the first person, as if the dream is still happening in the present moment.  This keeps you closer to the dream and promotes better recall.


4.  Pay particular notice to how the dream makes you feel upon awakening.  Take notice of any images, scenarios, memories or physical sensations that arise.  These intuitions come from the deepest part of you. 


Dreams serve the purpose of guiding us toward wholeness and are the most trustworthy guide in providing answers to important life questions. 


SELF ~  The archetype of wholeness.


ANIMUS (Spirit) ~  The unconscious masculine side of a woman's personality.  It appears as male in a woman's dreams.


ANIMA (Soul) ~  The unconscious feminine side of a man's personality. It appears as female in a man's dreams.


DREAM EGO ~ The "I" in one's dream.  It

compensates for the waking ego's

distorted views.


SHADOW ~ The unconscious personality traits (both positive and negative) which

we tend to reject or ignore.  It appears in dreams as a person of the same sex as the dreamer.


PERSONA (Mask) ~ One's social role derived from the expectations of society and early training.

Jungian Dream Terms
Dream Tending